How To Identify Different Bloodlines

A brother is just a boy or man who shares one or both parents with another. The female equivalent is a sister too. Though the word in itself generally refers to familial relationships, it can be used affectionately to refer to other non-familial relationships. In general, a full brother is at the top level of a hierarchical family structure.


There is some debate as to whether a brother is the same as a cousin or a half brother. Most people would probably prefer the second term brother as it has more to do with biological relationships and not sexual ones. Though the two terms may sound similar, they are not the same. A brother does not carry the same rights and responsibilities as a sibling, just like a cousin does.

In many societies, younger brothers are looked down upon by their brothers in return for the privilege of being their younger brother. This is because older brothers have traditionally been responsible for teaching the younger brother about the family and the norms followed by it. Though not all cultures have this tradition, it still happens a lot. But, as most children do not want to be left alone in the presence of their brothers, this can lead to a lot of resentment. Sometimes, the lack of respect for a younger brother can result in the younger brother being less self-assured and more susceptible to accepting or rejecting any proposition given to him.

Another difference between a brother and a half-brother is that the latter is usually adopted by his parents or other close relatives of the deceased person. This is because in many cultures, a person who does not have a biological brother but has another brother existing cannot be considered a brother by the majority of people. To this day, in the majority of the Muslim, Hindu and Christian religions, a half-brother cannot be adopted by anyone especially if that person does not know the birth history of that individual. Though this rule may differ from culture to culture, the implication is that a full brother cannot be adopted by someone just because he is related to the deceased.

Winans are believed to be the descendants of Abraham. According to the Islamic faith, Abraham was born to Sarah, the wife of Abraham. She had nine boys who became the forefathers of Abraham. The oldest of these, Isaac was married to Sarah and the father of Isaac was her son Isaac. The Jewish religion believes that the child of Abraham can only be born into the house of the family if the mother is her brother. It is believed that Abraham was blessed by God because his mother Sarah was Abraham’s mother in the eyes of the Jewish religion.

The Baswedanites were an ethnic group who lived in Egypt around 1200 B.C. The name Baswedan comes from two words: bas and wud, which translate into English as “people of the great river”. It is believed that the Baswedanites were nomadic people who settled in the area surrounding the Red Sea, in what is now modern Israel. The name Baswedan is believed to come from two words, bas which means “the people” and wud meaning “bitter water”.