Do I Have a Father? – The Answer May Surprise You

A father is usually the biological father of a child under the age of 18. In most countries, a father must acknowledge paternity for the birth of any child. In addition to the parental bonds of a father towards his own children, the father can also have a close legal, parental, and social relationship with his child which carries over certain legal responsibilities and rights. The father plays an important role in raising his child, especially during the early years of his childhood up to the point where he begins to attain puberty.


When we talk about fatherhood, we are generally talking about the biological father of the child who is recognized as the father by virtue of his relationship with the mother. Many people fail to appreciate the unique role that a father plays in his child’s life. Most of us do not realize the fact that the father plays a more pivotal role in his child’s life than any other person. The father is legally responsible for the children – it’s that simple. But many people fail to recognize the unique role of the father in his child’s life.

Many people often refer to the father as a paternal figure who acts as protector and caregiver to his offspring. This is a common myth and has no scientific basis. Since the early days of human reproduction, it has been believed that the father plays a vital role in the lives of his offspring. This view is not based on any hard and fast facts. It just happens that most people automatically link the word ‘father’ with male sexuality and they don’t really understand the different roles that a father plays in his child’s life apart from his sexual role.

A father who abuses his parental rights by denying his paternity or even giving his son un-custodial custody would not be called a father at all. The word ‘father’ in English actually denotes protection, authority, and guardianship. There have been numerous arguments over the years over whether fathers have any rights to claim parental responsibility or not. Fatherhood is a concept that has been around since time immortal.

This does not mean that there are no problems in the world today regarding fatherhood. There are several issues regarding father’s rights which require urgent attention. These issues include child support, paternity, child abduction, spousal abuse, child adoption, rape, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, domestic violence, paternity fraud, child kidnapping, child trafficking, etc. Each of these issues requires an individual-based approach in order to work. This is why fatherhood education is so important because it deals with the various aspects of fatherhood in a generic manner. This is the only way that we can bring a concrete solution to the existing problems that fathers face.

One can easily conclude that biological fathers have rights to their parental responsibility. However, this does not stop other males from becoming father. In fact, any male who wishes to become a father should ensure that he complies with the legal requirements for being recognized as a father. Every male who wishes to be a father should make sure that he complies with these conditions and becomes a biological father