Is Your Mother a Perfect Mom?

A mother is generally a female superior: she is the caregiver of her children. It is also a derogatory term for a gay mother or lesbian mother. Usually used in a negative way to describe a mother who does not support her offspring.


Being a mother is definitely not a walk in the park; it can be a trying experience for some mothers. Sometimes, the feeling of not being loved or being abandoned is too much to handle. Other times, the feeling of not knowing where one should turn or who one should turn to is even more painful. In the end, mothers need to come to terms with these feelings, as they will only grow and deepen in time.

Sadly, there are many mothers who go through a bout of recurrent miscarriage without ever learning why they have had such a terrible experience in the past. Although, such mothers may be mentally stable, they simply do not understand how upsetting having a miscarriage can be. Even though most mothers would prefer not to discuss the loss they go through with their doctors, they will most likely feel that they need to do so in order to get the necessary help to make sure that their babies do not suffer from the same fate. If a mother has not learned why she has experienced a miscarriage, she might never realize that the cause of her repeated miscarriage might be because of something else.

Undefining pregnancy is another unfortunate reason for why a mother might feel like she is unworthy of love and attention. Having a child of one’s own often changes the mother’s view of herself. Women often get this type of feeling because they have spent most of their lives raising children by themselves. When they are suddenly thrust into the role of mother, the feeling of undefining is sometimes too much to handle. Fortunately, many mothers overcome this obstacle by finding ways to fall back in love with their children.

Many mothers are simply unaware that there are resources available to them to help them cope with their feelings of bereavement. One great resource that has been helping mothers deal with the loss of a child for a long time is The Parenthood Center. The Basics of Healing from a Miscarriage provides a great amount of information on coping with a miscarriage. As different as each mother is, they share similar experiences that can range from denial to depression and finally, peace of mind. In many cases, the best way to move on after learning about the Basics of Healing from a Miscarriage is to simply remain present and focused on their newborn baby.

No matter what reason why you decide to end your relationship, you will forever be connected to your mother. You may even wonder sometimes if there is anything more to your mom than what you think. It is possible that your mom was the perfect mom you always wanted to be. You may get a second chance at love with your ex-mother-in-law or you may get to start dating again. Regardless of what the future holds, the important thing is that you do not grieve alone and that you reach out to find other people who are going through the same grieving process.