Fathers’ Day – Do You Know Your Father?


Fathers’ Day – Do You Know Your Father?

Fathers not only affect the people around them, but the way that children grow as men do. Very young girls rely on their father for emotional support and security. A father demonstrates to a young girl what a good, dependable relationship with a parent is like. It’s a gift that no amount of money can buy. So many mothers in the United States and other countries have lost the ability to provide their children with a stable home life because of the divorce rates and the breakdown of the family.

The future of the father is an important topic among sociologists. A father who is involved in education and work is considered more responsible and skillful than a father who stays home to raise his children alone. Many parents are taking advantage of this trend. To be successful at fatherhood, it doesn’t mean you have to give up your ambitions and dreams. You can still have a successful career and be a loving husband and father.

As males become more knowledgeable about their paternity, the need for a biological father diminishes. Children are better off when their mother has a close relationship with her biological father. A paternity test can determine if the father is still committed to providing for his offspring. If he isn’t, he may need to encourage his son to step up and take responsibility for his welfare. A male child can be traumatized by the realization that his father has abandoned him or doesn’t care for him.

On the other hand, there is a strong biological father component to fatherhood that goes unmentioned because society tends to associate fathers with reproduction. Children aren’t born into the nuclear family unit with mommy and daddy and automatically have a male father. There are countless stories of girls growing up and finding out that their biological father is dead, never to return. The message that biological fathers have to leave their children is that they matter and should be valued for who they are as individuals and as a part of the family unit.

When a father doesn’t have a citation needed to access his children or if the citation is invalid, he may have difficulty determining if he is still of legal age to have a legal standing to claim paternity. Many men assume that the father of their children is automatically granted paternity after they attain legal adulthood and this isn’t true. If you want to know if you are father of any particular child, the best method is to have a paternity test performed. This way, if you are proven to be the father you can receive visitation rights and have the opportunity to be involved in the child’s life.

The best advice that any man can offer to his male offspring is that they should do what is expected of them and do it well. This applies to all children regardless of their gender or place in society. A father plays a significant role in his child’s life and he shouldn’t be judged by outdated gender roles. In addition, a father plays an even greater role within his own family and those closest to him. Men should not be judged on how well they raise their children but rather on how well they love their children and how much they provide for their needs.