What is a Sister?

A sister is a female relative who shares the same parents as another individual. Its opposite is a brother. The term usually refers to a familial relationship, but is sometimes used endearingly to refer to relationships between individuals who are not related by blood. A full sister is the second-closest relative. Generally, a sister is a first-degree relative. When a person is born with two sisters, they are known as a full-sister.


The word sister is derived from the Latin systir, swustor, and swester. In the United States, it has two forms: syster, soror, and sestra. In some cultures, the word is a feminine form of the masculine term swustor. In other cultures, such as Albania, the term syster is used to describe a female sibling.

Although sister is often used to refer to a female friend, a real sister would not necessarily be a biological relative. In fact, they are considered the same in a number of ways. For example, Sister Sky is the same as a swustor, but a sister will be your protector. If you have a female friend, she is likely to be your sister. Besides, you can share the same mother with her sister.

When a company has more than one business, it may be beneficial to combine sister companies. For example, a fabric manufacturer might partner with a furniture retailer to jointly produce and market fabric. In some cases, the boundaries between the two entities can blur. For example, multimedia giant Viacom Inc. counts its cable channels Viacom Media Networks as its sister company. Both Viacom own BET, Nickelodeon, Spike, and many more.

A woman’s sister is a female friend who shares the same parents as another woman. A woman’s sister is the person who protects her sister and cares for her mother. It is the same with a male. A male’s sister is the one who protects him or her children. In other words, a woman’s sister is her friend. It’s the female’s protector. The word is also used to refer to an offspring.

The term sister is a female term used to refer to a woman’s sister. In the past, a woman’s sister was referred to as a “sister.” In the United States, the word sister is spelled as swustor, systir, and swustor. If a man’s brother is a boy, he or she might be called a son. If a woman’s wife is a girl, it will be known as a swustor.

A woman who is a sister has the same name as her mother. The two names are usually used interchangeably. A nun is a woman who is married to another man and has children. It is not uncommon for sisters to be in the same parish. However, a mother may not always be able to support a son in the same way that a father does. A woman may be a sister if her father has a daughter or is a sister.