The Role of a Father


In the olden days, the role of a father was primarily to provide stability to his family and to impart religious and moral values to his children. But, with the increase of industrialization, fathers gradually became distant from their families, becoming dependent on factories for their livelihood. Hence, the rising rate of abandonment and divorce has resulted in welfare programs for unmarried mothers and widows. However, these schemes often do not offer round-the-clock support and do not provide the child with the emotional support needed to cope with daily life.

A good father teaches his children the value of money and appreciates important purchases. He does not expect his children to live the same lifestyle as him, nor does he expect them to. Instead, he respects their opinions and lets them make their own choices. He may not be the perfect person, but he still makes an effort to be the best possible father for his children. This way, he can make his children a good citizen of the world, as well.

Fathers are pillars of emotional development of children. As a result, children look up to their fathers for rules and guidance. They want to please their fathers and make him proud. Children who have involved fathers develop self-esteem and inner strength. Research has shown that affectionate fathers help children’s cognitive and social development. Moreover, they instill an overall feeling of well-being in their children. Therefore, the modern father is an important role model for children.

The definition of father is not uniform across the country. Different states have different definitions of the term “father”. In the UK, a presumed father has certain rights and responsibilities. He must be married to the child’s mother within 300 days of conception and must complete certain procedures to establish paternity. It is also important to consider whether the child has been abused by the mother or is suffering from neglect. This will make the case more compelling.

Besides parenting tips, a support group can help a new father in finding himself in the role of a good father. A father support group is a great way to connect with other fathers and find ways to improve their roles as parents. Fathers who attend such groups will gain access to advice from other dads, who share similar struggles and triumphs. They can share ideas on how to be a better father, as well as find ways to foster better relationships with their children.