What is a Brother?


A brother is a male sibling. In most cases, this term refers to a first-degree relative. A sister is the opposite. A brother and a sister are both considered to be siblings. The word brother is also used for a relationship that involves both males and females. In fact, brothers are often considered to be the most important relationships in a family.

A brother is a male descended from the same parents. A brother can also be considered a male peer. In some cases, a brother can be a male who shares the same name as another male. A brother may be a man, a woman, or a child of two parents. The word brother is also used to describe an unmarried male who shares the same bloodline as his or her mother.

In the English language, brother comes from Middle English, which was derived from the Old English word brothor. Its roots are from Proto-Indo-European *bhreh2ter. Other similar words include Irish brathair and Latin frater. Besides the English word, brother is also found in Persian and Russian.

A brother is a good role model. He helps younger siblings learn about life by demonstrating the values of the family. His role model role also involves making sure the younger siblings follow basic house rules. A brother can help siblings cope with stressful situations in their families. In addition, a brother can be a good source of support for a sibling whose parents are not around to help.