Sisters and Sisterhood


The Sister Study is a large cohort study that tracks the health of women over the course of their lives. Every two to three years, study participants complete detailed health questionnaires. The research aims to understand the causes of breast cancer, as well as factors that affect a woman’s quality of life and outcomes following a diagnosis.

According to the fifth edition of the American Heritage Dictionary, a sister is a female who shares the same parents as another individual. Her male counterpart is a brother. The term is most commonly used in referring to a familial relationship. In biology, a sister’s relationship to her brother is called kinship.

Sisters of different religious orders practice different lifestyles. Some sisters live in a cloistered convent; other sisters are more active and are active in ministries, teaching, and caring for the poor. Although the term “sister” is not commonly used in contemporary English for biological sisters, it is sometimes used in poetic contexts, religious contexts, and feminist settings.

In business, sister companies often work together to consolidate marketing desks and to offer special pricing. For example, a fabric manufacturer may partner with a furniture retailer to jointly produce and market fabrics. However, the lines between a sister and a subsidiary can get murky as a company grows. The sister-sister relationship between sister companies can be particularly complicated. Viacom Inc., for instance, counts its Viacom Media Networks cable network as a subsidiary but considers its underlying network of channels to be a sister. These cable channels include Nickelode TV channels, BET, and Spike.

Keeping up communication with your sister can help you improve your relationship and build a stronger bond. A quarterly newsletter is a great way to stay connected. You can also send your sister a message on her special days, such as a birthday or an anniversary. You can even send a simple text message or e-mail.

The Sister Cities Association of Pittsburgh is an organization dedicated to connecting the Pittsburgh region with a city in another country. The association aims to foster a relationship with the partner city that benefits both parties. In addition to creating a relationship between two cities, Sister Cities Association Pittsburgh is also working to address global issues. For example, the two cities may share their resources and experience in commerce, education, and culture.

The sister-sibling relationship is a key component of children’s development and wellbeing. A sister’s actions are often positive role models for younger siblings. However, it can be challenging to relate to a sister, especially if they disagree on some issues. Be sure to listen carefully to your sister and understand family dynamics. Spending quality time with your sister can help your relationship grow and mature.