What is a Brother?


A brother is the male counterpart of a sister. The term typically refers to a familial relationship, with a full brother being the first-degree relative. However, a brother can also refer to a friend, spouse, or even a pet. However, a brother is not always a close friend, and a brother-sister relationship may not always be appropriate.

While fathers deserve all the credit, little brothers are often overlooked. Even though they are close to their dads, they do not often get recognition and appreciation. Despite the lack of recognition, little brothers are there by their dads through thick and thin. It is not uncommon for little brothers to become their dads’ closest friends.

The word brother is derived from Middle English brothor, which is a derivative of Proto-Germanic *brother. Other words derived from this root include Irish brathair, Latin frater, and Ancient Greek phrater. Depending on where a brother is from, he may also be called a half brother.

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