What Is a Brother?


The definition of a brother can range from the biological to the familial. A biological brother is a man born to a man and a woman. In contemporary usage, the term is also used to describe a man who is not a biological son. However, the plural “brethren” is not used for biological brothers. It is still sometimes used for members of a religious order.

The oldest kin in a family are the brothers, but they don’t necessarily get the credit they deserve. Usually, a brother is a male sibling, while a sister is a female counterpart. Generally, they have a common sense of humor, and share the same comedians. They also have a lot of inside jokes, and they like to share embarrassing moments with each other.

Despite their lack of recognition, there are some nice things about being a brother. Your brother will be your closest friend, and he will protect you from the bullies in the neighborhood. You can always turn to him for advice and support when you’re in a bad situation. He will remind you of your most embarrassing moment, and he will help put it in perspective. Even when you’re in a hurry, your brother will be there to help you out.

In fact, you may find yourself trying to emulate your brother’s good behavior. For example, if you’re having a bad day, your little brother will try to get you to think of the best possible solution. Likewise, if you’re hungover, your younger brother will be inspired to try to be healthy. As you both grow up, your bond will strengthen.

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