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Program Overview

Purchasing a lamb share has economic benefits for our customers as well as for our farm.  Buying your lamb by the share is the most affordable way to ensure your family enjoys top quality lamb throughout the year and provides income stability for the farm in the frequently changing world of Agriculture.

How Much Will It Cost?  

All of our animals are sold by the “hanging weight.”  Hanging weight refers to the weight of the carcass as it hangs on the rail at the processing plant.  The lamb is priced by the hanging weight per pound.  The average lamb carcass is between 55 and 65 pounds, once the lamb has been cut and wrapped, you’ll be left with approximately 65% of the hanging weight in finished cuts for your freezer.  The percentage of lamb you receive will vary depending on the cut option that you choose.  For example, boneless cuts will have a lower yield than bone-in cuts, etc.  To give you better idea of the price you’ll pay per pound for your lamb, we’ have compared your hanging weight price to average finished yield of the lamb.

Whole Lamb

The hanging weight of the lamb is between 55 and 65 pounds and will cost $6.00/lb for a total cost of $330 and $390.   

Half Lamb

The hanging weight of a half lamb share is between 28 and 33 lbs and will cost $6.25/lb for a total cost of $175 to $206.25.