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Here at Reister Farms we believe we've found the balance necessary to produce top quality grass-fed lamb.  The breeding program that we've developed over the years, combined with our feeding and harvesting practices meld together to create a truly exceptional product, a product that can only be indentified as Reister Lamb.

Time Tested Breeding Standards

Many Generations of Reister's established the breeding standards for our flock and that knowledge has been handed down to each new generation of Reister that's grown up on the farm.  Our family has been successful sheep breeders for many years because we have developed a strong brood ewe flock that produces high quality lambs.

From the beginning we retained females for the flock that have strong mothering ability and produce high quality fleeces (we direct market all wool to Pendleton Woolen Mills).  These traits are important to our operation for many reasons.  In order to raise a quality lamb that gains weight quickly, that lamb needs to get a good start on life and that begins with its mother.  The best way to ensure success is to select for females that milk heavily and are watchful of their lambs.  The fastest growing time in a lamb's life happens before it is weaned, so its ability to consume as much nutrition as possible from it mother's milk is crucial.

Additionally, we have placed an emphasis on producing lambs that are heavy muscled and gain weight quickly.  These traits, combined with the great start our lambs receive from their mothers, allows us to produce a lamb that is ready for market quickly, resulting in a leaner, more palatable product.

A Unique Approach to Grass Fed Lamb

Reister lamb is exceptionally tender and delicious due to our unique grass based feed program.  Our farm is located along the Washougal River in southwest Washington, where our livestock benefit from mild Pacific Northwest winters and cool summer months.  Our temporal climate allows us to graze sheep on our natural pastures a majority of the year.  However, we believe the magic of our feed program can be found in the non-GMO peas that are fed to our lambs.  The peas enhance the flavor and tenderness of the meat and allow us to produce a consistent product that is superior in taste and palatability. 

Dry Aging - A lost art

Reister lamb is humanly processed at a small USDA certified facility in Canby, OR where it is dry aged a minimum of 6 days.  If you have had a good, aged piece of lamb, you know it is more tender and flavorful than what you typically buy in the store. The reason for this is that aging allows natural enzymes to breakdown the hard connective tissue in meats and for water to evaporate away concentrating the flavor. We believe the dry aging of our lamb ensures that our customers will have an exceptionally tender, flavorful eating experience every time.