All About Motherhood


All About Motherhood

A mother is actually the primary caregiver of a child under the legal definition. Mothers are the primary caregivers of their children who either live with them or do the part of giving birth to their children. Having children is a very natural way of life that is why there are so many mothers around the world. When a woman has children, she is said to be a mom. The job and responsibilities of a mother are quite different from the father.

A mother has to take care of her child physically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually even though she may not have a biological mother for her own offspring. A mother also has to bear the emotional and spiritual burden of raising children. This being the case, mothers are more likely to abuse alcohol or drugs to numb the pain of giving birth. Another fact about being a mother is that a lot of mothers are not really prepared mentally and emotionally to take care of their children. This is especially true in the case of young mothers or teenagers where a lot of hormonal changes takes place. A lot of these children are not prepared mentally and emotionally to deal with the sudden changes in their lives.

For many mothers, giving birth is a very difficult experience. For some it might even lead them to take drugs or engage in other unhealthy behaviors. Many mothers want to have a complete different life than what they had before they became mothers. In order for a mother to achieve this type of change, she can adopt a child from another family, become a surrogate mother, or even have an abortion if she wants to. Adopting a child of the same biological mother also allows her to have a baby that is biologically hers; whereas, if she had an adopted child, she would have to carry that child throughout her life without her knowing it.

A lot of these children are abandoned by their birth parents because they either gave up on their dreams or their parents didn’t allow them to pursue their desires. Many women want to give birth to more than one child so that they can experience a sense of motherhood and be able to experience the emotional and spiritual changes that come with it. Another reason why a woman might adopt or have an abortion is because she doesn’t want to experience the pains of giving birth. There are also those women who want to experience motherhood, but they don’t have the financial means to do so. Or maybe, they don’t want to undergo the pains that come along with infanthood.

The reasons vary but in general most of the women who adopt don’t end up in a foster home or living with grandparents because their adoptive parents chose not to let them go. There are exceptions though. For instance, in some western countries, like the United States, adopting a child is not considered childlessness. In this case, the adoptive parents is not legally bound not to raise the child. This means that a biological mother may still give birth to a child through IVF or surrogacy while living with her partner. She just has to inform her partner that she’s doing this before she actually conceives.

Finally, there are the mothers who choose not to have a biological child, either because they already have a husband or spouse, or they don’t want to breed. Again, this is not considered childlessness. But there are mothers who still experience emotional or mental pain from not being able to experience motherhood. And some, especially those in developed countries, experience feelings of inferiority due to cultural beliefs about motherhood.