The Father’s Forum – A Fathers’ Discussion

Anyone can father a kid, but becoming a father takes a lifetime to master. Most fathers play a very important role in each child s life who can never be replaced. This role helps shape a young child s personality and help mold him or her into the next person they become. Children want to make their dads proud of them, and an involved father encourages strength and inner development. The most amazing thing about the gift of fathers is how they let go of fear of making their lives miserable and how they just follow their heart. Each moment with their father is precious, which is why fatherhood is so important.

A man should start learning about fatherhood at a very early age. Male babies are able to sense when their father is happy, sad or sick, and this helps their development. It is important for a male baby to see his father happy because his experiences as a father will affect his emotional state throughout life and will carry over into adulthood.

There are many opportunities for a father to father children. He can be involved in his son’s life from conception to toddler hood. Many men who were not biological fathers find themselves adopting or even widowed. This transition is filled with emotions that even a child cannot fathom, which makes it even more difficult for them. Raising a child alone without a biological father is tough, but if you accept the challenge, it can be overcome.

One day, maybe in the very near future, awareness will arise that all fathers have responsibilities, even though they are not biologically related to the child. Men are hurting because society does not view them as fathers, even though they have been, all their lives. Until this day, we as people continue to deny the reality of paternity and the true purpose of fatherhood and what it means to men and boys everywhere.

A new day is dawning, because fathers are starting to reclaim their place in society. The push for change is coming from the hearts and minds of many fathers who realize that the purpose of being a father is the greatest honor a person could receive. Not only do fathers have responsibilities, they are accountable for the happiness and success of their children. Society needs to start seeing men in a different light. Men who raise their children in positive ways are more likely to succeed in life and have better things coming to them than those who choose to settle for a low-self esteem existence.

Every child needs two parents, a mother and a father. Unfortunately, society seems to have devalued the roles of mothers and fathers and has made the fatherless population rise rapidly. This is an issue that is bound to be coming up at some point in time. With all of the challenges that men face on a daily basis, they have become somewhat of a rarity in today’s society. The future of fatherhood looks bright for all of the fathers out there and I believe that the future of fatherhood is in good hands.