Is Your Brother a Brother?

A brother is simply a male child or man who shares another person’s parents with another. The female counterpart to a brother is usually a sister. Though the word in common use generally refers to a familial relation, it can be used quite comfortably to refer to non-familial relationships as well. In many societies, a brother is typically someone who acts as the head of a family; a chief, or a captain, or someone of seniority in an organization, such as the military. A full brother, which is technically a first degree relation, is also referred to as a duke or Marquis.


The best friendship and brother quotes come from the lives of the children or adolescents that are closest to us. Most of us have brothers or sisters who are our closest friends, go to school with us, or are our family. How best do we appreciate our friends? We give them gifts, we share secrets with them, and we even sleep with them. It is those things that we want to pass on to our younger siblings. So here are some ideas about how we can show our love for our siblings.

You may find it funny when you read the quote, “There’s only one thing in the world worse than having no friends,” from the hit Broadway musical, West Side Players. But there is something sadder than that. There are people in the world who do have no friends, or perhaps don’t care to have any. We would all like to spend every waking minute of our lives with people who we can honestly call our best friends. So the best way to do this is to give them the very best gift you can afford, and that gift would be to win back their friendship and love.

Some people say that the best gift that you can give a brother or a sister is not necessarily money, but it’s more of a feeling thing. It’s kind of like saying thank you for being a good brother or sister. It’s the kindest thing you can say to another person because they mean so much to you. Every time we lose a brother or sister, we feel awful and depressed. We can’t understand why our loved ones will choose to go off on their own and hurt us so. But it happens, and if it doesn’t come to the point of asking for our help, we can do the next best thing – share the sadness with our other brothers and sisters.

Sharing experiences with our brothers and little sisters can bring us great strength and satisfaction. When our baby brother asks us to join him for a shopping spree at his favorite toy store, or when our little sister starts misbehaving in front of her new boyfriend, we can calmly and rationally tell our brother or sister that it won’t be fun and that they’re making a mistake by doing that. We have to remember that our older brothers and sisters are still growing up and as much as they might not understand, they still need a place to stay because they too are growing up. And they will appreciate anything we can do for them because they too need to experience growing up.

The bond between our younger brothers and sisters is actually stronger than the bond between our parents. It’s more similar to the love we feel for our children because it’s so natural for us to be affected by the changes our siblings go through. After all, we grew up with our parents, and we have fond memories of those times. But as our children grow up, the love for our older brothers and sisters changes. Our siblings become our children’s role models, and in many cases, our younger siblings still look up to us as our older siblings do to them.