Brother Versus Sister


Brother Versus Sister

Teaching of morals is a responsibility of older brotherhood. An elder brother teaches his younger brothers about moral values – this is normally a given responsibility of older brothers. Parents typically Indoctrinate moral values into their younger sons as a way of ingraining family values in their sons. However, sometimes younger brothers refuse to follow the moral code and this can create a big problem within a family. Brothers also have an obligation to ensure that their younger siblings follow the same basic house rules, especially…

Brotherly Competition. Every brother has the desire to compete with his brother. This is natural, since every brother wants to be better than his brother. Competitiveness is actually healthy within a family, but it can end up being counterproductive when brothers strive to be better than their male siblings.

The Etymology of Brother. The word brother originates from the Germanic word be, which means “one’s brother.” This was later influenced by Anglo-Saxon language to mean “one’s earthly brother.” From this root, the English word brother has developed into a generic term that refers to any male family member. In English, however, there is a special place for a brother in families: he is the second member of the family, immediately below the father, and responsible for supporting his brother.

Father vs. Sibling. A brother cannot be expected to financially support his sister, just as he can’t financially support his father. But just because your brother is not financially able to provide support doesn’t mean he doesn’t have obligations to his sister. He may need to consider giving his sister some financial assistance, such as letting his sister live in his home until she is financially independent. She is his sister, and if he has love towards her enough, he won’t think much of her needing to live on his welfare.

Male dominated society. Most cultures tend to consider a brother or two above a female in the family, just as they consider a male child above a female child. Because of this, it has become more difficult for a brother to speak up for his brother when something goes wrong. As a result, even when a brother outshines his brother in terms of parenting abilities, social abilities, etc., it rarely gets resolved as there are always other male family members ready to take care of the problem.

Brother vs. Sister. A brother cannot be expected to provide his sister with all the things a sister needs, since a brother cannot be considered as a replacement for his sister. But this does not mean that a brother cannot show support for his sister, just as it does not mean that a brother cannot love his sister. Remember that a brother’s love for his sister is just as strong as a sister’s love for her brother. Just because a brother has a salary lower than his sister, or a big house, does not mean he is any less loving to his sister.