Coping With the Loss of a Mother

A mother is really a protective, devoted friend and disciplinarian. However, a mother is also a loving, selfless human who has to sacrifice many of her own desires for the children’s needs and desires. A mother works very hard to ensure that their child is well equipped with all the basic skills, knowledge and abilities to become a well-rounded adult.


A mother will do almost anything to help her child. This includes but is not limited to, breast feeding, changing a diaper, teaching a toddler, and helping with homework and meal times. A mother will spend countless hours in the kitchen with her toddler preparing foods, taking a walk with her infant, playing with her little one, and helping around the house. All these things are done with love, care and devotion. If a mother feels like she is helping her child the most, then she will feel selfless.

Many mothers have different qualities, expressions and characteristics. Some mothers may act more motherly than compassionate. They may be overly concerned and overbearing with their children, whereas other mothers can sometimes seem too available and seem to enjoy taking on the role of “good mother.” The best thing you can do to improve your relationship with your mother, is to learn how to be a better mom.

A mother can sometimes feel like one-dimensional or even stereotyped. Sometimes a mother can feel like she has to put up with a lot of smothering, nagging and complaining from her child. When a child has a bad experience with her mother, he or she will tend to have a similar experience when it comes to his or her friends, classmates and other people. A child who has had a bad experience with his or her mother will be more likely to have a similar experience when he or she is growing up. It’s important for children to see their mother as a supportive, empathetic person who looks out for them.

There are lots of ways in which a mother can show her appreciation to her child. The first way that a mother can show her appreciation is to buy the child her favorite toy or goodie bag. Children grow up with their parents and once they start to feel like their mom and dad aren’t paying attention to them, they start to do things for themselves so they can feel like they have a better place than their mommy and daddy. So if you want your kids to have a better place than their mom and dad, make sure that you show your children that you love them. Don’t forget to buy your kids plenty of toys because a child who is spoiled rotten won’t be very appreciative.

It’s been said that mothers feel like they are losing a sense of self when their children leave the nest. It’s difficult for mothers to accept the fact that their baby is going to be away from them in the form of her infant, but it’s a necessary part of motherhood. When a mother misses her child it can be devastating for her and this can lead to some serious maternal bond problems. Make sure that you work with your children when they are trying to adjust to this new situation.