Living the Life of a Mother

A mother. A mother is always a woman parent: she raises, nurtures and mother numerous child. It is also used in a pejorative sense, to denote a senile woman or old woman. Often used in a derogatory sense, the word mother is often used pejoratively, but it has its usage primarily in the context of pregnancy. We use mother’s day to commemorate the bond motherhood shares with her children and grandchildren; we also celebrate Mother’s Day once a year in most societies.

Many would argue that motherhood itself is selfish, and thus women should not expect gratitude or honor for their work, nor should they expect gratitude or honor from men. This is certainly a false tradition, for both genders have contributed in making human society what it is today. Both genders are truly selfless, and one does not need to celebrate motherhood any more than one needs to celebrate fatherhood.

It may be true that we’ve become more self-absorbed, that we worry too much about our appearance, our looks, money, material possessions, and so on. However, these things are important in life, and each individual woman (and man) should feel like she is a mother at least once a month, if not daily. A mother should care about her child, not only physically, but also as a person, a friend, a companion, a confidante, and a trusted lover. She should be there for her child’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs, and she should do so unconditionally.

A mother should never forget that her place is at the heart of the family, and that her role is truly as mother. To state a fact, motherhood itself is a gift. So, the best definition of motherhood is unconditional love, caring, compassion, support, safety, assistance, and counsel. These are attributes that a mother can demonstrate everyday. If a mother demonstrates these qualities in her child, it shows her that she has the ability to become the nurturing figure that every child needs.

In the First Mother’s Speech by Sandra Bullock, the quote “What do you do when you are still yourself, but you want to be a mother?” is presented in a lighthearted way. It is presented as a hypothetical question that could be asked by any child who is still living and who wants to be a mother someday. The author makes it clear that being a mother isn’t a race, it’s a marathon, and it requires determination, focus, and patience. Every second a mother spends being herself is a second she might lose her child.

Each child desires to find someone who will love her regardless of her background or situation, just as every parent wants their children to be able to count on them in a crisis. Being a good mother requires each parent to spend quality time with their children and provide the nurturing they need. Most parents take care of their children until they are too old to go out on their own, but sometimes it is necessary for moms and dads to step in to help fill those roles. Being a mother isn’t always easy, but it is worth the work because it allows women to have a rewarding experience of being a loving mother and also being in a secure and loving relationship with her child.