The Dukes of Hazardous Envy – “Life Goes On” Starring Elizabeth Parke Custis and Eliza Dukakas

What exactly is a sis? A sister is an adult female or male who shares a single parent with another person. While the word traditionally refers to a familial relationship, nowadays it can be used quite comfortably to describe non familial relationships as well. A full sister, otherwise known as a full brother, is usually a first level family member.


A younger sister, or a junior sister, is usually a second level family member under the legal age to marry. Junior sisters grow up in the same home as their brothers and sisters, but they are not born with the same DNA and do not carry the same physical traits. Junior sisters, unlike their brothers, are not obligated to become a full fledged member of the family. This is because they are under the legal age to marry, and their desire to find their own partners does not prevent them from seeking out love. Junior sisters, like their younger siblings, can be helpful to their younger siblings and younger cousins by contributing to the family income.

Aunts, uncles, and grandparents are also part of the hierarchy of the sisterhood. All four of these family members play an important role within the dynamics of the sisterhood. The aunt provides the primary caregiver for a female offspring who is too young to seek out a partner of her own. The aunt also helps care for a younger sister, or a junior sis who is not ready or equipped to take on the responsibilities of a full sister.

Nikolaevna and Olga, two women from Russia, fit into this last trimester of the triumvirate of sisters. While some would classify them as younger sisters, the reality is that they have already reached the legal age to marry and have become full-fledged ladies in their own right. Nikolaevna and Olga have been married for five years and share a small apartment in Manhattan. When it became apparent that the couple would be going through an immense amount of marital stress, it was suggested to them that they apply for a reality TV show.

The idea of being a contestant on the reality show, “Life Goes On,” brought the two ladies together. After being a finalist on the second season of the popular reality TV program, they were asked to participate in the “Life Goes On” spinoff. Once the judges discovered that the two had a strong connection, they were asked back to reappear on the show as “Sisters.” While there are numerous reasons why the Dukes decided to make an appearance on this popular series, one of the most predominant factors that played a large role in their decision was because they wanted to experience what being a sister entails. As a result of this, they felt that it would be best for their two unborn daughters that they were able to spend some quality time with each other.

Their appearance on “Life Goes On” was not the only time that the two reality TV stars made an appearance on one of the most popular shows on television. In the eleventh episode of the show, titled “Wedding Squares,” the Dukes were asked to be a guest judge along with their sister Elizabeth Parke Custis. During this appearance, the two sat in front of the judges and were given a task to solve a problem. The Dukes each selected a problem from a hat that was provided by the audience, which required them to solve a mathematical problem using only a set of common sense and a good understanding of their sister’s situation.