A Mother’s Experience


A Mother’s Experience

A mother is actually the legal mother of a child under the law. Mothers are those who physically inhabit or do the principal role of carrying some relation to their young ones, who in all likelihood may not still be their own offspring. If a mother does not have her own children by the time she attains twenty-five years of age, she automatically loses her rights as a mother and her status as one is revoked accordingly. In some countries, maternity leave is granted to mothers once the child has attained a certain age. This is also referred to as motherhood leave or parenthood leave.

Every country has its own regulations pertaining to maternity leave and motherhood leave. In most cases, countries mandate that at least forty hours of unpaid work each week should be allocated to mothers who are also their respective legal parents. On the other hand, many countries allow mothers to be employed for a set number of hours during pregnancy. This can either be increased or decreased as per the requirements of the government. In some countries like Singapore, there is no age limit for the entitlement of paternity leave or maternity leave.

Motherhood as a concept is not new. It has been prevalent since antiquity. The Egyptian papyrus refers to motherhood as a divine role. In ancient China, the early Confucians advocated that mothers should be held in high regard, and that they should be treated with high regard even by their daughters-in-law. There are many phrases that embody the ideal of motherhood; mother means “wood”, motherhood implies “of the house”.

It is natural that a mother wants to provide for her child. She may get herself involved in her child’s education, she may get herself an expert to assist her in the kitchen or she may get herself enrolled in a nursing school to help take care of her sick or injured child. However, motherhood also includes taking care of ones own body. Just like an employee who goes to work every day, so does a mother who goes to home every day. For this reason, it is necessary for moms to have a healthy and fit body.

Just as an employee may get hurt while at work, mom may get injured too. Maternity clothing may get dirty, so moms should know how to clean themselves properly. They should know how to use the washing machine and what kind of detergents should be used and what kind should be washed away. If a mother has more than one kid, she should know how to take care of them all.

If mommy had a personal computer, she may get emails from all over the world. These mails may contain important files, photos and documents related to her child’s life. It would be inconvenient if mom was to go through every single document on the computer. If she were to download every single file from the Internet, it would take up a lot of memory space. Therefore, if a mother wants to stay organized, she should get an external hard drive to store files on.