Becoming a Father

A father is typically the biological father of a child. In most jurisdictions, a father is responsible for child support and child custody unless he has changed his paternity. Aside from the parental bonds of the father to his own children, the father also has a legal, familial, and social relationship to the child which carries over certain responsibilities and rights. A father’s legal relationship to the children also determines his financial status as a father and his access to his children or his property.

The fathering bond between a father and his children is founded in the relationship shared by the father and his wife to each other as their spouse. Historically, this has always been a romantic relationship. Fathers who are involved in active fathering can create a deep emotional connection to their children. They can be loving, thoughtful, respectful, dedicated, protective, and generous. For many fathers, being a father is synonymous to being their family’s primary provider.

Many modern fathers have not only adopted the role of father, but they have also fulfilled this purpose throughout their lives. Some have carried this role throughout their lives while others have died without ever fulfilling the purpose. Many fathers have sacrificed everything for their children including their livelihood, their material comforts, their freedom, and their intimate relationships. Men who have been injured on the job or at war have a difficult time finding the courage to re-establish the fathering bond with their sons or daughters and their families. Most fathers who have served their purpose are able to find new ways to serve their families in an important way that benefits the children and families.

When we speak of fathers, we often speak of the father of the family and the father of a household. However, most dads have no other specific purpose for being a father except to be a father and share the joys of family life with their children. For many fathers, there is no special reason to be father because their purpose has been fulfilled by the fact that they have shared their love and life with their children. Fathers have a unique place in our society and in the world as a whole. As a father, your goal is simple: To be the best husband, son, and father you can be.

Dads are not defined by their role as a father; however, the definition of a father encompasses much more than simply sharing a fathering role with your child. A father plays a tremendous role in shaping the fabric of his child’s lives. Fathers impact children’s self-esteem, how they see themselves, and how they learn to relate to people. Children who grow up with a father who values respect, love, honesty, humility, persistence, empathy, and responsibility will flourish into responsible adults who know and love their parents deeply.

Being a father means more than just taking care of your children physically. You have the opportunity to be involved in their emotional and physical growth through fatherhood training. As a father, you get to teach your children self-respect, self-confidence, compromise, practicality, and the importance of sharing. As a father, you are given the opportunity to shape the future of your child… you can either be a hero or a tragedy. Which path will your children choose?