Examples of the Word Brother

The word brother is a term used in several different contexts. The term is commonly used to describe male members of a religious order, but can also refer to people with similar sex or a close platonic relationship. If you’re looking for examples of the word, you can try searching the New York Times online. This definition focuses on the meaning of the word. If you’d like to find more examples, see the related entries below.


A brother is a male born from the same parents or to one parent. This male has common character, ancestry, and purpose with his brothers. A brother is also an associate of the same religion or church or a close male friend. The dictionary defines a brother as an African-American or a member of a religious order. This definition shows that a brother is a member of a family or a religious community.

In Japan, the term brother refers to any male child descended from the same parents. In the United States, it is a word for a peer who is male. A brother is also a synonym for a brother. The word “brother” is used to refer to any male child. While a sister is a woman’s sibling, a sister is a girl’s sibling. And a daughter is a woman’s equivalent.

Brother has a long and rich history. It was founded in Japan by two brothers. Since then, it has expanded its product range significantly. It became a world-class producer of office products. It is now the leading name in printing and labelling technology. Founded in Nagoya, Japan, Brother now operates 17 production sites and four factories. In addition, it has 52 sales locations around the world. And the company has a growing history in Europe.

A brother is a male child born of the same parents. A half-brother is a male child born of a single parent. Another way to describe a brother is a female peer. A sister is a sister’s friend. The latter is a sister. It is difficult to define a woman as her mother is. In contrast, a brother’s gender may indicate a woman’s relationship with her child.

A brother is a male who has the same parents. A brother is a male who has the identical parents. This means that a brother is the same gender as the other sibling. As a result, a sister is a half-brother’s sister. A half-brother has two parents. She is a half-brother’ s sister’s daughter. A brother is a female’s half-brother’s half-brother.

A brother is a male who shares the same sex as the person he adores. In general, a brother is a boy. In addition to being a male, a sister is a woman. The two of them share a common bloodline. If you’re a girl, a sister is a woman. A sister’s baby is a woman’s child. In this case, the term “sister” is a male.