How to Teach Your Baby to Sign Brother

A brother’s primary responsibility is to teach his siblings life values. Elder brothers have an extra responsibility of acting as role models for their younger siblings. Parents indoctrinate family values into their elder sons, and they expect their elder sons to be role models for their younger siblings as well. A good brother should model good behavior and act with integrity. It’s not enough to be a great role model for his younger brother – he also needs to be trustworthy and supportive.

The best way to teach your baby to sign brother is to model it after a baseball. Hold both hands in a ‘L’ shape. Place the non-dominant hand on your chest while the dominant hand forms the hat tip. If your baby is just getting started, the ‘L’ shape will be more like fists. He might only use one hand at a time, but practice on both hands. This way, he will get the hang of signing the word.

A stepbrother is a relative with no blood connection to the child. A father’s new wife’s son may also be a stepbrother. An adopted child of the same parents is a stepbrother. Another kind of stepbrother is an adopted son. They share no blood connection. Both types of half-siblings can have the same biological father, but may have different names. Their biological fathers will be the paternal half-sibling, while their mother’s side of the family will be the maternal half-sibling.