Sisters in the Catholic Church and Sorority Life


The album Sister was released by Sonic Youth in 1987 and marked a transition for the band from no wave to pop. While the album was a commercial failure at the time, it later went on to be reissued on 180gram purple-marble vinyl in 2011. Although the album was not an instant hit, it was nonetheless considered one of the best pop albums to emerge from the American underground. As an example, Slant Magazine called Sister “the last great punk album of the Reagan era.”

The Catholic church recognizes the role of women in its social and spiritual development. Catholic nuns live a semi-cloistered and contemplative life, centered around the monastery. They profess perpetual, solemn vows, and practice evangelistic counsels. They also participate in charitable, educational, and social activities that benefit the community. However, the term “nun” is much more widely used and immediately indicates that they are religious women who have professed vows.

In English, a sister is a female who shares the same parents as another person. Depending on the relationship, she can be a biological or social sister. A sister may also be a member of a religious group or sorority. Sisters are also referred to as big and little sisters, older sisters as big sisters, and younger siblings as little sister. The sibling’s wife is also referred to as a sister-in-law, and those with only one parent in common are referred to as step or half sisters. A sister’s parents are also known as aunts, and are usually referred to as sororal.