What is a Sister?


Sister was released in 1987 by the band Sonic Youth. This is the first album by the group to move away from the no wave aesthetic and maintain an aggressive experimental approach. In 2011, it was reissued on 180gram purple-marble vinyl. While it wasn’t a hit at the time, the album has recently been hailed as the last great punk album of the Reagan era, and the first truly great pop album to emerge from the American underground.

The term “sister” is used to refer to a female with a common parent or member of a group. This group may be a sorority, or even a religion. Some terms for siblings include older sister and younger sister, big and little sister, and sister-in-law. In some cases, a sister has only one parent in common, a half sister or step sister. The word “sister” comes from the Latin sorrorum, which means related to sisterly tendencies.

A Catholic sister lives a contemplative life within the world. She engages in apostolic ministries and works of mercy. She professes perpetual simple vows and lives evangelical counsels. The IHM Sisters of Monroe, Michigan, are one such group. The word “sister” is not commonly used to refer to biological sisters in contemporary English, but may be used in religious or feminist contexts, as well as poetic usage. So, what is a sister?