Sister City Relationships


During the Reagan administration, the United States had not seen the best of punk. But with the help of the Sister Study, the band’s success could change. This study involved more than 50,000 women, aged 35 to 74, who had at least one sister who was diagnosed with breast cancer. The sisters shared the same genes and environment, and this provided the group with an increased chance of finding the causes of breast cancer and the factors that affected a woman’s health after the disease was diagnosed.

A sister city relationship is a broad-based and long-term relationship between two cities, countries, or even regions. The relationship is officially recognized once the highest elected official of each city signs a formal agreement establishing the relationship. A sister city organization may include dozens or hundreds of volunteers. Representatives from municipal government, nonprofits, civic organizations, and other stakeholders can be involved in the organization. Whether you are looking to foster long-term friendships or to foster community development, a sister city relationship can help you do that.