What is a Sister?


The Sister Study is an ongoing research project that follows the health of women in a cohort. Participants complete detailed health questionnaires every two to three years. The purpose of the study is to find out what causes breast cancer in women and what factors influence their quality of life after a diagnosis. The study includes data from nearly 50,000 women.

A sister company is closely affiliated with another company. These companies are often owned by the same parent. Although they are considered subsidiaries of the parent company, they have their own identity, branding, and personnel. A sister company may operate independently or may be completely reliant on its parent company. Sister companies can also operate cross-promotional programs to draw customers to both.

A sister may be a nun or a religious order member. While a nun is cloistered and devoted to prayer, a sister is more active in the world and is generally involved in educational and health care ministries. A sister may not wear certain habits, depending on the community. The word “sister” is used interchangeably with “nun” in Catholicism.

In many languages, there is a difference between a sister and a cousin. Old English sweoster and its Scandinavian cognates are both synonyms of “sister.” Both Old and Modern French use the word “cousin,” which is an assimilated form of the word “swestr-.” This is the origin of the word “sister,” which is used today.

A sister’s role in a family is to protect and care for their younger siblings. They can serve as positive role models for younger siblings. To be a good role model, sisters should be aware of their own behavior and take responsibility for their actions. A good role model is a person who listens well and understands the dynamics of the family. They should also enjoy time away from the family.

In English, a sister is a female who shares the same parents as another individual. In some religions, a sister is a member of a religious order. A sister may be the daughter of a parent or a sibling’s wife. A sister with only one parent is called a half or step sister. A male equivalent is called a brother.