What is a Brother?


A brother is a male sibling. In common usage, the word refers to a first-degree relative and is the male counterpart to sister. The word can also refer to a male sibling’s first-degree relative, called a full brother. In most families, a brother is considered the most important male relative.

In addition to being a close relative, a brother can be a great source of support. Siblings often share the same sense of humor. They often grew up with the same comedians and jokes. This allows them to laugh at their mistakes and share them with each other. Often, brothers will be each other’s closest confidante, as a result.

The word brother is used in Scripture to refer to a male kin, even though he may not have been born of the same parents. Likewise, men of the same profession often call one another “brother.” Kings are also referred to as brothers, though this is not a common usage. The word brother is also used to refer to a man in general, as all humans are descended from the same primitive ancestors.