Sisters Are Sisters in Christ


The Sister Study is an ongoing study that follows the health of the women in a cohort for a period of two to three years. The purpose of the study is to study the causes of breast cancer and other factors that may influence the development and outcome of the disease. In order to do so, the study involves detailed health questionnaires that are completed annually by participants.

Sisters have a close relationship and share the same parents and siblings. A sister is often referred to as a big sister while her younger sister is referred to as a little sister. The two siblings may have the same name, such as “big sister” and “little sister”. A sibling with two parents is also referred to as a half or step sister. The male equivalent of a sister is known as a brother. A parent’s sister is also referred to as an aunt.

Catholic sisters live in the world, where they are often called “active” or “apostolic” and participate in works of mercy and ministries that take the Gospel to the poor. They profess perpetual simple vows and follow evangelical counsels. An example of such a community is the IHM Sisters of Monroe, Michigan. The term “nun” is also sometimes used to refer to women who have professed vows.

Sister companies can also collaborate with each other to pool marketing resources and offer customers special pricing. For example, a fabric manufacturer might work with a furniture retailer to produce and market fabrics. As a company expands, the boundaries between sister companies may become blurred. Viacom Inc. counts its entertainment division, Viacom Media Networks, as a sister company. The underlying cable channels of BET and Spike are considered sister companies.

Arlington Sister Cities Association was established in 1993 and supports five sister cities in the world. Through its efforts, the association seeks to promote Arlington County’s international profile and build long-lasting relationships between sister cities. A sister city relationship is a partnership between two geographically different localities that aims to build strong cultural and economic ties. Originally, a sister city program was initiated during World War II. It was adopted around the world and continues today.