What is a Brother?


A brother is a male sibling. There is also a term for a female sibling. The word brother is typically used to refer to a familial relationship, as in a full brother, a first-degree relative. The term is also used to describe a brother’s relationship to his father.

Siblings often share the same sense of humor. They grew up hearing the same jokes and watching the same comedians. They also share inside jokes and slang. Laughing at each other’s mistakes and misbehavior is a common bond. Often, this bond is so strong that siblings are able to share embarrassing moments.

A brother is a male who has the same parents. They are also known as brothers or brethren. A brother can be a full or half brother. A half brother can be a male or a female. A brother is often considered to be the closest male friend a person has. A brother can be a close male friend or a corporate colleague.