What Is a Sister?


A sister is a female sibling with the same parents as the individual. Its male counterpart is known as a brother. A sister’s relationship with her parents is typically familial, with the full sister being the first-degree relative. However, there are instances when the relationship is not so familial. This situation can be challenging.

Sisters can be either religious or secular. The distinction between them is often based on their level of activity. While nuns are often cloistered and devoted to prayer, sisters are more active, working in hospitals, caring for the poor, teaching classes, or administering other services. Biological sisters are not normally referred to as sistren in contemporary English, but the word is often used in religious or feminist contexts and in poetry.

In some cases, sister companies work together to consolidate marketing desks or offer special pricing. For instance, a fabric manufacturer may work with a furniture retailer to jointly produce and market fabric. As a company grows, the boundaries between subsidiary and sister companies can become increasingly blurred. Multimedia giant Viacom Inc., for example, considers its cable channels to be sister companies, even though they share the same parent company. BET and Spike are part of its family of cable channels.

Sisters are usually compatible with each other, but sometimes there are differences in the way they communicate. For instance, a sister of a Capricorn may be more analytical, whereas a Cancer sister might be more emotional. Similarly, a Leo sister may be a more practical person. Their relationship may be complicated, but they are still complementary.

A sister is often a blood donor, but it is also possible to have a sister who is unrelated to you. The Sister Study is a study of how women in the same family share genes and environmental factors. For instance, if a woman in one family has cancer, she is at greater risk for developing the disease.

As a sibling, it can be hard to be compassionate. Especially when the consequences are negative or the decisions made by a child are foolish. However, it is possible to develop a closer relationship by spending time with your sister. This can help your sister heal. If you are not able to spend time with your sister, consider contacting her child to help you understand her feelings.

There are many ways that a sister city relationship can improve your life. You can build relationships in education, commerce, and culture. Sister Cities can also be an avenue for tackling global issues that affect us today. By building a sister city relationship, you can help create a better world! The Sister Cities Association of Pittsburgh is one such organization.