Mother Is a Verb


A work of history, Mother Is a Verb examines the changing nature of mothering through the ages. Mothering is a complex experience, which has changed considerably across time and culture. By combining memoir and history, Knott illuminates the changing roles and traditions of mothers from all over the world. The book is intimate and lyrical, exploring the human experience of maternity.

A mother can take on many roles, including being a caregiver, a confidant, a friend, a counselor, and an advocate for her child. A mother is the one who loves and protects you unconditionally, despite your shortcomings, and works every day to develop your child into the best human being he or she can be.

A mother is the most amazing, strong, and loving woman in the world. She is the one who brings a family together and teaches through example. Mothers punish their children when they don’t follow rules or do something they don’t think is fair, but in the end, children learn to appreciate their mother’s character.

A mother’s sacrifice is needed to give birth to a child, but sometimes the love of the mother may be needed to protect the child. This is one reason that many people flock to the mother’s house. This film will provoke strong reactions from the audience. Regardless of whether you agree with the film’s themes or not, it will definitely be a conversation piece.

Being a mother is a challenging, rewarding, and demanding job. Despite the challenges, motherhood brings immense joy and love to a child’s life. As a parent, you will be tested beyond your limits and will need to make hard decisions. But your love for your child will pull you back up when you’re feeling down. The sacrifice you make will last a lifetime. But the rewards are well worth it. It will make you a stronger and happier person.

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