The Meaning of Brother and Sister


The word brother refers to a male sibling, as opposed to a sister. The term usually refers to a familial relationship, with a full brother being one’s first degree relative. However, the term can also be used to refer to a male friend. In some cases, a brother might be a person’s closest friend.

Aristotle explains the relationship between brothers and friends in his Nicomachean Ethics, Book VIII. The philosopher says that the relationship between brothers is the bond of comradeship. This is based on the fact that people who are born of the same parents are more similar in character. This affinity is not limited to family members, but also includes corporations and institutions.

The word brother is also used to describe distant kinsmen. Biological brothers, however, are not always the same as those born of same parents. Moreover, men who belong to the same profession are called brothers. In addition, kings are often given the title of brother. However, in a wider sense, the term brother can refer to any man. This is due to the fact that all men are descended from the same primitive ancestors, and therefore belong to the same race.

The terms brother and sister have a lot of meanings. A brother may be the child of a parent’s partner or a half-brother. A brother may also be a half-brother or a step-brother. This article will discuss some of the more common meanings of the terms brother and sister and their meanings.

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