What is a Sister?


Traditionally, the word sister refers to females who share a common family background. It is also used as a term of endearment and can refer to kinship in a non-hierarchical sense. In modern English, the word can be applied to women who are related through marriage, a family bond, or a religious affiliation.

A sister is typically a woman who shares a mother or father with another individual. It can also be used in a feminine sense to describe close friends, or to indicate a woman associated through a family or personal bond. In Britain, a senior female nurse is often called a sister. In the United States, a woman who has made a commitment to become a nun is sometimes referred to as a sister. In the Roman Catholic Church, a nun is a person who is devoted to prayer and is usually cloistered. They are also called apostolic.

Sister is a synonym for several words, including Latin soror, Old Frisian suster, Gothic swistar, German sweostor, Norwegian Bokmal soster, and Swedish syster. It is also a common term of address for women, and is used in literary contexts.

The Sister Study is an ongoing research project at the National Institutes of Health that explores the factors that affect the quality of life after a woman’s breast cancer diagnosis. The study involves a large number of women from all over the United States. They complete detailed questionnaires about their health every two to three years. The study also includes women whose sister has had breast cancer. Its goal is to learn more about the genes, risk factors, and experiences that influence the outcomes of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

A sister company is a company owned by the same parent. It may operate in different geographic regions, but it is accountable to the parent company. It may also be a direct rival in the same space, or operate independently. Its branding and operations can be quite similar, but it can be very distinct from its parent. In addition, the marketing and sales strategies of a sister company may be separate from the branding and marketing strategies of its parent.

There are a number of sister companies in the media and entertainment industries. Viacom Media Networks is considered one of them. Its cable channels include BET, Nickelodeon, and Spike. It is also a subsidiary of Viacom Inc. The network’s other subsidiaries are Viacom Communications, a cable and Internet provider, and NBCUniversal Television Group, a media company. These affiliates are often considered sisters because they are part of a single parent company.

Among the many sister organizations in the U.S., the Sister District Action Network is a grassroots nonprofit organization that invests in the political pipeline of candidates for state legislators. The network works to increase the political power of women of color and other groups of progressive individuals. It is a 501(c)(4) organization that has supported more than 70 races and has reached more than 50,000 volunteers nationwide. It is a member of the Democratic Party and aims to improve the lives of people across the country.