What is a Sister?


A sister is a female person who is kin to another person. It can be a full sister, a corresponding female relative, or a member of the same genetic line. Sisters can be kin to others in a variety of ways, including by blood, by a bond of affection, or by marriage.

The word sister derives from Old English sweostor and swuster, which means “the daughter of the king.” In modern English, sistren is a rare borrowing from the nominative case of Latin soror. There is also a form of the word called svasr, which refers to a female sibling.

In religion, a sister may be a member of the church or a nun. Nuns are women who live in a monastery or cloister, usually under the rule of one religious community. Their life is characterized by a devotion to prayer and evangelical counsels. They often live a contemplative lifestyle and are engaged in ministries that take the gospel to the poor and needy. Catholic nuns are sometimes referred to as “apostolic” because they are devoted to spreading the Gospel to other people.

A sister can also be a nurse, or a head nurse in a ward. Usually, a nurse is a woman who is a senior in her profession. Many of these types of nurses are women of color.

Siblings can have a positive impact on the lives of other young children. By taking responsibility for their own behavior, siblings can help to set a good example for their young friends and help to build positive relationships. Children learn from the people around them, so it is important that siblings understand the dynamics of their own family and are supportive of their younger peers. If a child is concerned about a sibling, they should speak to a trusted adult such as a teacher or counselor.

One of the most common terms used to refer to a sister is svasr, which is a form of sistren. Svasr, or systyr, is a Swedish cognate. It is often a term of endearment. Other synonyms include syster, Gothic swistar, and Old Frisian swester.

Sisters are usually referred to as kin because of a shared genetic or familial relationship. For instance, a sister can be kin to a brother by blood, by a bond of affection, by marriage, or by any other means. Regardless of how a sibling is kin to a person, it is important that children treat the people in their lives with respect. This is especially important to younger siblings who need the support of an older sibling.

Some sisters operate hospitals. Others may teach classes or serve as teachers. Most sisters are involved in a variety of charitable organizations. When a younger woman is married, she may have to share her bedroom with a sister. She may also have to go to weddings or spend holidays with her grandparents. Although this is a difficult time, it is important to enjoy your relationships with your siblings.