What is a Brother?


A brother is a male relative, kin or friend, who is related to you by blood, marriage, or adoption. The word is borrowed from Latin and Greek, but is also used in English. Various cognates exist, such as brethren, a male counterpart of sister, and a cousin.

Brother is a common term among siblings. Originally, a sibling was any person related to the family, but now it is limited to children of the same parent. In some languages, such as German, brother is used to describe a male with the same parents. In other languages, such as Hindi, bhratR means “brother”.

There are many other words for brother. These include brethor and bruder. Both of these have a similar meaning. Bruder, for example, is derived from Proto-Germanic *brothar. It is usually a term used in a figurative sense, but in some contexts, it is a useful description of a relative.

Brethren, on the other hand, is a word that is used to describe a group of men who are members of a religious order. This term is especially useful when you need to describe a member of a sect or religious community with priests. For example, brethren is a common designation for several Christian organizations. Among other uses, brethren is also a slang term for male peers in the trades.

The best way to define a sibling is to consider the two people who share a similar ancestry, kinship, or relationship. Those who have a brother have a much greater resemblance to each other than those who are not related. When a new member joins the family, they create a picture of the family.

While a brother is not the same as a mate, it is still a male and one with whom you share a good sized amount of time. Siblings have the same sense of humor and they share embarrassing moments with each other. They can even give each other advice about dating or career opportunities.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines a sibling as someone who shares a common ancestry with you. However, in recent years, this term has been more closely associated with a person who is related to you by marriage. You may hear it used to refer to someone who is a distant relative, as in the case of Barack Obama’s brother, Gak. If you’re a mom, a brother can mean your eldest child’s father, or the father of a child you are planning to marry.

While the word “brother” is probably not the best choice for your vocabulary, it can certainly be a useful term to use. One of the most exciting things about a sibling is that he or she can be a great teacher or a source of inspiration. Another thing that is important is that he or she can provide you with the kind of love that you want for yourself. And as the saying goes, “A brother is a friend in need.”

A brother is a significant part of a family’s history. He or she can teach you a thing or two about the lore of the world.