How to Be a Better Sister


There are few things more wonderful in life than having a sister. They are there to give you a shoulder to cry on, to laugh with, and to share your crazy life. They are a lifeline that will never let you down and they will always love you for who you are.

They are your rock, your best friend, your confidante, your no questions asked phone call, your secret keeper and your forever friend. They are the ones who pick you up when you fall, they are the ones who stick up for you, they are the ones who make you laugh the hardest and they are the ones who make you love yourself the most.

Having a sister is an amazing thing, and you should celebrate that fact every day! You don’t have to send expensive gifts or flowers to show your sister how much she means to you. Instead, remembering special dates and taking the time to tell her how much you care is just as meaningful.

Here are some things you can do to be a better sister:

1. Be Honest and Reliable
It’s easy to hide behind pity, anger or even resentment when you have a conflict with your siblings. But if you can be honest with them and be transparent, it will go a long way to building trust.

2. Stay in Touch

The best sisters are in constant contact with one another. That includes e-mail, text messages and phone calls, and it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

3. Know Your Siblings’ Love Languages

A great way to be a good sister is to understand your brother or sister’s love languages and try to respond to them in ways they like best. For example, if your sibling likes quality time with you, take her out to lunch or to a game at the local park and not just send her a gift card!

4. Be Compassionate

When you can’t agree on something with your sibling, be compassionate by listening to them out of respect for the family bond. That will go a long way to helping you work through any issue together.

5. Be There when They Need You

It can be a challenge to get your brothers or sisters to do the things you want them to, especially if you live far away from them. That’s why it’s important to be there when they need you, no matter what.

6. Stay in Touch

If you have a busy lifestyle or a hectic job, it can be hard to stay in touch with your siblings. That’s why it’s a great idea to create a quarterly newsletter to let your family and friends know how you are doing.

7. Be A Great Supporter

Sometimes it can be difficult to give your brothers or sisters the encouragement and love they need to keep going. They might need a little extra support in certain areas, such as financial or mental health.