What is a Sister?


A sister is a female relative, friend or protector who is closely related by birth, marriage, adoption, association or resemblance. The male counterpart is a brother.

An individual’s older sister is called a big sister, while the younger one is a little sister; a sibling’s wife is a sister-in-law and a step-sister or step-brother is a half sister or a stepbrother. The term also refers to a group of sisters, such as a sorority or a religious order.

When a woman feels that she has a strong bond with another women, it’s often called “sisterhood”. This is especially true when a group of women form a society that bonds through common ancestry, allegiance, character or purpose, or if they share a common religion or social ethos.

Using sister in this way is similar to the way you use ‘alumni’ when talking about people who are important to you. You can say that the International Monetary Fund and its sister organization, the World Bank, are all linked in some way or another.

Your sister is your best friend. She is the person you can talk to about anything without worrying that she will judge or react negatively. She is a very important part of your life and you want to do everything you can to help her and keep her happy.

The best friends you have in life are your sisters. They’ll listen to your problems and will always support you and believe in you. They’ll give you advice and help you make decisions when you need them the most.

A girl or woman with whom you have an affinity, as in a feminist movement; the female equivalent of a brother or a cousin. Among African-Americans it is sometimes used to describe a woman of color, as in the phrase “soul sister.”

In American English, you may use the word sister to mean any girl or woman, particularly if she is close with you and has a shared interest. In the United States, you might say that Connie is a sister to Judy because they share their love of music and their desire to make it better for everyone.

When you are learning American Sign Language, you can use sister to sign for your brother or sister. To do this, extend your thumb and index finger on both hands in the horizontal ‘L’ shape and then move them down and tap them together with your dominant hand.

You can even teach your baby the sign for sister, using a picture book or videos that teach you how to sign. They’ll get the idea quickly and will be excited to learn that they can communicate with their siblings!

To become a member of a sisterhood is to join a community that supports the women in their lives and gives them a space to express themselves and be heard. These women can give you the encouragement and validation that you need to be the best version of yourself.