Why You Should Have a Brother

A brother (plural: brothers or brethren) is a male sibling. A brother is not only your best friend and the first person to come to mind when you think of a good time, but he’s also someone who is there for you in the good times, the bad times and the ugly times.

He’ll help you get through a break-up, a car accident or even the death of a loved one. He will support you when things go wrong and he will be there to pick you up if you fall. He’s the guy you can count on to make you laugh when you feel like crying.

In high school, college and the real world, friends come and go but your brother is a constant. He is the first person to hang out with you, play outside or watch scary movies then hide behind the couch together. He’s the person you eat pizza with when your mom isn’t home and he’s the friend you can always call if you’re feeling down.

When your older brother is around, people will think twice about embarrassing you in public. He will stand up for you and he will never let you do anything too stupid. He will teach you the right way to do things and he will be your guide through life.

Having a brother is a great thing because he will be your best man when you get married. He will also be there to celebrate your victories and comfort you in your losses. He is more than just your sibling, he’s a big part of your family and you will love him forever.

Your brother will teach you to respect women and how to be a gentleman. He will help you gain a date and he will also be there to protect you from a dangerous guy. He will also teach you self-defense, so that you can protect yourself in the future.

If your brother is healthy, it’s likely that you will be too. He will motivate you to be fit and he will encourage you to eat better. He will also be your biggest fan and he will cheer you on when you’re working hard towards a goal. A study from Brigham Young University showed that having a close relationship with a brother increases altruism.