The Role of a Father


Fatherhood is a great responsibility. It involves caring for your children, physically and emotionally. It also means taking on new challenges. Whether it’s dealing with the terrible twos or teen rebellion, you can’t always anticipate what your kids will bring to the table. But you can do your best to provide guidance and support, even if you’ve been hurt in the past.

A good father provides, financially and emotionally, for his family (1 Timothy 5:8). This doesn’t necessarily mean being a traditional married breadwinner and disciplinarian, but any way that meets your child’s physical needs while teaching them moral values and religious education is a good way to raise them.

In this way, a father sets an example of respect for his wife, which in turn teaches his children to honor their parents. In addition, a father demonstrates a sense of responsibility that helps his children develop their own character. In addition, he may discipline his children in a loving and firm manner, but not with anger. He sets clear boundaries for them, and shows them how to make good choices in life.

When a father shows he cares about his kids, it makes them feel valued and loved. It’s a feeling they will remember throughout their lives. A good father also helps his children with their emotional and spiritual struggles. He shows them how to cope with adversity and overcome difficulties. He’s always there to help them when they need it.

Being a new dad can be overwhelming. There are so many arenas to focus on, like work, family and household chores, that it’s easy to get confused. Setting priorities and committing to them is the best way to stay on top of things. And don’t forget to keep yourself healthy. Exercise, eat right and do something you enjoy on a regular basis to stay sane.

In a world where it’s common to lose touch with your family members, it’s important to take the time to call and visit them often. It’s a time to build strong family relationships that will last forever. Visiting them regularly can make your children feel that they’re not alone, and it can help you keep in touch with your family even when distance makes communication difficult.

The father’s role is changing, and the way we raise our children will affect the future of our country. It’s a huge responsibility and no one can do it perfectly, but anyone who strives to be a good father is doing the right thing. Having a father who is there for his children is a priceless gift. God didn’t give you these sons and daughters by accident, and He knows exactly what they need. So be a good steward of your gifts and use them for His glory. Your kids will thank you for it one day. Good luck! —Jason Stratford, Contributing Writer