What is a Sister?


A female relative, especially a close or full relation of the same parents; correlative to brother. The term is also used of a woman who belongs to a sisterhood or community of women.

A woman you know and love, a person in your life with whom you share your secrets (you know the ones, those things you would never tell a friend). Sister is the one you can count on. She’s your cheerleader and your harshest critic, she’s your best friend in the whole world (no one gets too big for her boots on her watch). A sister is a person you’ll remember forever, someone you can talk to about anything and everything.

Your monthly gift will support a sister through a year-long training program that gives her the tools she needs to transform her life forever. She will learn a vocational skill that’s proven to earn her income in her local market, and she’ll be taught business skills like accounting and budgeting.

We’ll match you with a sister, and you’ll receive updates on her progress through the program. You can also communicate with her by writing letters and sending photos, which are deeply appreciated by the women we serve.

Having a sister is pretty amazing, but there are women in the world who don’t have the luxury of having a sister. These women are incredibly important, and their work is the cornerstone of humankind’s future. They are the backbone of their communities, and they are often overlooked in the global effort to tackle poverty.

There are many ways you can help a sister in need, from supporting her through a year-long training program to helping her get access to clean water and nutritious food. Your monthly gift will make a difference for every sister you sponsor, and she will be able to provide for her family while transforming herself into a strong leader.

A sister is not only a person in your life, but she’s also a role model for other girls. By teaching her the importance of education, health and rights, you’re giving a gift that lasts for generations.

In our globalized society, it’s important to have a healthy and safe space for all women. By educating a sister, you’re helping her stand up for her rights and become the strongest version of herself.

It’s time to give her the opportunity to live her dreams and change her world. You can be her partner in this journey, and together we can reach more and more sisters.

You may be thinking, “How do I find a sister?” The good news is, there are women everywhere you go. You can start by stepping out of your comfort zone and talking to the woman in Stall #2 at the public bathroom, or complimenting the lady in front of you in line at the grocery store. She’ll probably be a little surprised, but you’ll show her how much you care, and that’s what a true sister is for.