Sister Quotes to Show Your Appreciation

A sister is the person who knows your darkest secrets, listens to your crazy family stories, laughs at your jokes and just plain gets you. She is a built-in best friend and your sidekick through the good times and the bad. She’s the one you call when your car breaks down or your job offer falls through, and the only person who understands your love of ’90s music and the occasional glass of wine. So when her birthday rolls around, you want to say something special. These sister quotes are a perfect way to show your appreciation for her and the unique relationship you share.

The word “sister” comes from PIE *svasor, a common root shared by many modern Indo-European languages: Sanskrit (svaya), Avestan shanhar-, Latin soror, Old English sweor, Greek eor (daughter, cousin), Lithuanian sesuo and Old Irish seur. The plural form was brethren and is still found in some languages, including French broder, Portuguese brasaros, Spanish frases hermanas and Icelandic brdrákrós. Brethren is also an archaic form of brother, originating with the Old English word broder and appearing as brodren and brodras in Middle English, then later broders and brodrens.

She can be your best friend one moment and your biggest rival the next, but no matter what she makes you laugh. Celebrate your funny sister with these quotes that are guaranteed to put a smile on her face.

Your sister is the only person who shares your history and experiences, which gives her a unique perspective on many situations that you may encounter in life. This empathy is one of the things that make a sister so special, and it’s often why people turn to them for help in difficult times. Whether it’s for advice on a relationship or career issue, support during a crisis or even just someone to talk to, your sister can provide you with the wisdom and support that you need when no one else can.

Whether she’s your older or younger sibling, or you have a sister by marriage, your sister is your pillar of strength. Honor your sister with a gift that reflects how much she means to you, and be sure to read these quotes about sisters to remind her of all the ways she’s been by your side throughout your lives.

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